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H.O.D Spore Farm. Likes to keep it simple.

We sell over 25 Psilocybin Mushroom Spore breeds. New breeds added quarterly in 2022.

Our Goal is to keep doing what we have done for over 15 years. An do it right.

Our Psilocybin Mushroom Spores are imported from Our Lab in BC Canada 2 x weekly.

 All of our Psilocybin Mushroom Spores we sell. Have had outside lab analyst certification done for contamination. 
HSF fills our syringes to order. We do not sell what we don’t have.

HSF understands the world of Psilocybin Mushroom Spore syringes can be filled with much (BS) to put it nicely. So NO BS Here!

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Thank You Sale.
Any Order $75 or more will receive 5 free syringes.
1/19/22 - 1/23/22

This is on top of any other deal.

Receive 5 free syringes when paying with crypto.

Receive 5 free syringes

When paying with crypto.
With any order over $99 & pay with any  crypto currency that is traded on Coinbase.
This is on top of any other sales deal.


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Beginner Pack

                           Click Here


       5 Pack -10cc syringes $65 & Free S/H

      10Pack -10cc syringes $99 & Free S/H

      15 Pack -10cc syringes $125 & Free S/H

*  - 10cc B+

*  - 10cc Golden Teacher 

*  - 10cc Mazapatec

*  - 10cc Cambodia

*  - 10cc Ecuador


Sale Of The Week:

                                Click Here

  10 pack of 10cc syringes for $125 & Free S/H

  15 pack of 10cc syringes for $155 & Free S/H


*   - 10cc  Mexicana Galindoi

 *  - 10cc Entheogen Explosion 

 *  - 10cc  Mexican Dutch King

 *  - 10cc Redboy 

 *  - 10cc  Huautla 



H.O.D. Spore Farm

     Changing minds. One spore at a time.

All Syringes Are $25.00 or less. Free Shipping on all orders. $55.00 Order min.

                                         1 free syringe for every $50 spent. 

      Thank you to all our Vets & their families.