H.O.D Spore Farm. We keep it simple.

We sell Many Psilocybin Mushroom Spore breeds

Our Goal is to keep doing what we have done for over 15 years. An do it right.

Our Psilocybin Mushroom Spores are imported from Our Lab in BC Canada 2 x weekly.

 All of our Psilocybin Mushroom Spores we sell. Have had outside lab analyst certification done for contamination. 

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On Sale

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  5 - 10cc syringes $70 * 

10 - 10cc syringes $105 

& Free Shipping


*  - 10cc B+

*  - 10cc Golden Teacher 

*  - 10cc Amazon

*  - 10cc Cambodia

*  - 10cc Ecuador


Up Dated 8/13/22

Happy Birthday to HSF.
August is HSF birthday month.

So it time for giveaways.
8/4/22 to 8/31/22

Everyday 20 random orders will be free.
Winners  will be notified with your invoice.
Plus all daily orders will be entered for a daily $100 HSF gift card
Winners will be e-mail within 48 hrs.

Next all orders for the month of 8/22 with be entered for the end of the month  giveaway of a $500 HSF gift card. 
Winners will be e-mail by 9/2/22

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On Sale

2 for 1 sale
8/17/22 - 8/19/22
Any order $99 or more.
Will receive 2 for 1 syringes.

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