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About Us

HSF was started by 3 collage friends back in 1998. An is still owned & ran by 2 of them today. So much has change form that time.
HSF was very small for a long time.  HSF stayed to BB's & forums. 

We do our work for love of it not just the money. We hope it shows. 

2005 HSF made our first www only open to our Co-Op members.

  In 2009 HSF was formed as vendor you see today. To this day HSF still has customers from 2003.  
Over the years we grew. An were ask often to open to the mass public.  We were not sure.

As most know the internet can be full of BS. 

HSF  hope & goal is to help others learn how to help them self.  So they my help others.
So in January 2020
HSF open to the mass public.  2020 has been a Hell of year so far.  For everyone too.
HSF will be here for the GOOD the BAD & WTF.

Were there is Light there is Hope. Keep your heads up.

Thank you to all that helped make HSF what we are today.


HSF Mission Statement:

 updated= 1/12/21


 It is wonderful to see the laws changing for the better of all.
Keep in mind that there is a mushroom rush going on.
We see a lot of good, but we see  many bad actors just in for the money.

Just like when weed laws started to change years pass.

Do your home work.

We Believe in: To help others learn how to help them self.  So they my help others.


Again Do your home work. 

Mental Heath
Anxiety issues
Addiction- to many drugs
Harm Reduction
Self Care
Helping with neuropathy pain.


 HSF puts it’s money were our mouth is.

Note: HSF Does Not ever Donated to any  Political Party EVER!

Both owners of HSF. Have not taken a pay check from 2012 to date.  We are very proud of that.

To Date for 2021: HSF has given or donated over $91,000.00 to these causes & more. ( Updated 11/1/21 )

Here are the top 3 nonprofit Vet organizations HSF donates to.
Check them out. Give if you can.
It is not a hand out. It is a HAND up

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DAV photo.png
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