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Sale of the week 10 pack is back in stock.

Plus HSF has up our daily free orders to 20 a day till 8/31/22
This is to account for the spike in daily orders of 71%

Thank you all that have made HSF BDAY month wonderful this far.

Hay a great weekend everyone.  Dogs life Weekend.



Happy Memorial day week.

All orders from 5/9/22 to 5/20/22 will be entered to win a $50 HSF gift card each day. 
At the end 5/20/22. All orders from that time will be entered to win 1 of 5  $100 HSF gift cards
All winners will be e-mailed by 5/22/22 with card info.

Thank you to all that have served & their families.
We know you don’t serve & fight alone. It takes a Team.
Most of us at HSF have done our time in the ( Sand Boxes )

It has been a ruff Year for most. As you may or may not know.
  HSF owner & 8 other employees have been in Ukraine Helping & fighting with International Legion of Ukraine.
HSF family  have taken losses in Ukraine.  We will write about this in the coming weeks.
To all that put skin in the game. HOOYAH!!!!

For May, June & July 2022. HSF will donate 25% every order to Honor Flight, nationally  & local networks. Check them out. 
Many of us at HSF haven served as Gardens on many flights in the past 10 years.
Now that they are having Honor Flights again we hope to do so again.

Team HSF


UPDATE.  ** HSF will  serve - HSF will be of service **

To all that have given or helped any anyway you can with the fight in Ukraine.

UPDATE: All 8 of 9  HSF employees are now fully part of International Legion of Ukraine.
God Speed to all that have done the same.
Our other employee is now working with the Red Cross.


Looking for on the ground news in Ukraine check out

One of HSF favorite reporter is



Hello: Everyone .THANK YOU & HOOYAH!!!!


In the words of ( John Wick  )
** HSF will  serve - HSF will be of service **

Any order $99 or more 


We have a lot to cover here.

New HSF WWW site by 5/15/22 ( About Dam time Said Dan..... ) We know Dan......

First off sorry for the late shipping on some orders the last 10 days.
We have been slow to restock.  But by 3/10/22 or before HSF will be back up to full stock of all our syringes. 

HSF is down 9 employees right now. Some from USA & Canada.
We have most of there spots covered now.

They have all gone to fight & help in Ukraine. They made it to Ukraine safely on 2/27/22.
A big thank you to the HSF owners & board for giving paid time off & $ to make this happen.  
An to all others who are doing there part to fight. 

If you would like to join the fight Click Here

To all that do, God Speed. We know some of them won’t make it back alive.
No bigger gift then the gift of a life for your fellow women & men.

Some insight to why:
All of them are ex military & ½ are ex SF.
3 of them have family that are from Ukraine. 2 of them wife’s are from Ukraine.

What HSF has done so far to help Ukraine.
Beside our owner & employees going to fight in Ukraine
Given $75,000 of bit coin directly to the Ukraine GOV.

An will continue to give $25,000 a month  to this till the war is won or stopped.
Sent over 50 thousands syringes & needies, gloves an other PPE.

All of our long time employees are giving 25% of there weekly pay  to humanitarian causes in Ukraine. As of 2/28/22.

Thank you all again HOOYAH!!!!



Thank you all for the feedback. 

On 2/21/22 all syringes will be $18.
Min order will be $55 again.
Shipping will still be free.

1 free syringe for every $50 spent.



Happy New Year: The start of 2022 has been  trying to say the lest. From fires, flooding, ice & snow storms &  construction back logs to major shipping issues. 
Thank you to all our customers that bared with us over the last 5 weeks.

We want to thank our employees that work weeks with out days off. 
You know you care about your work when you sleep @ your work to get orders out.

Now that we have all our construction  done. We are getting back to normal.

We had many shipping issues. HSF would like to thank our friends @ Net Jets for your welcome help.
With out there help our stock would still be low for weeks.

HSF is hoping to be back at full stock by 2/1/22.
We understand that many small CO are fighting the same battles as we are.

Thank  you.





Z-Strain WON from our Customer VOTE with 718 votes.

Z-Strain will be in stock before then end of 1/22.

Thank you for all that took the time to let HSF

know what you think.

Happy NEW Year!







Shipping Up Date:

Next: Winter shipping Rules are Now Active

Shipping Note: ( Winter  Rules ) From 11/1 to 4/15 each year. 
( Or as needed ). HSF will only ship out orders Mondays,  Tuesdays & Wednesdays with heat packs added ( Or as needed )  .
Because of  temperature reasons.
We Do this because we care. 







Natural Disasters & Storms

HSF has a new shipping rule for customers living in any area that has been effected by Natural Disasters or Storms.

HSF will hold off shipping till we here back from our customers when we know their has been a Natural Disasters or storms. That could effect your order.

Let us know if you believe there may be a issue & we will do our best to reach out to our customers too.

We do this because we care. 

Thank you for your understanding.








Again: Do not ask us about growing in anyway. If you do your order will be cancelled.



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