Shipping Up Date:

Fed Ex Shipping is now active. It is a flat $11.00
We do this impart because of the holiday rush  & because of the USPS slow down.
USPS shipping  is still free.

Next: Winter shipping Rules are Now Active

Shipping Note: ( Winter  Rules ) From 11/1 to 4/15 each year. 
( Or as needed ). HSF will only ship out orders Mondays,  Tuesdays & Wednesdays with heat packs added ( Or as needed )  .
Because of  temperature reasons.
We Do this because we care. 








Shipping Up Date:

HSF will be adding FedEx as a choice for shipping before the end of 11/21. 
This will be a flat $11. Cost.

USPS shipping will still be Free.

We do this impart because of the holiday rush  & because of the USPS slow down.









Natural Disasters & Storms

HSF has a new shipping rule for customers living in any area that has been effected by Natural Disasters or Storms.

HSF will hold off shipping till we here back from our customers when we know their has been a Natural Disasters or storms. That could effect your order.

Let us know if you believe there may be a issue & we will do our best to reach out to our customers too.

We do this because we care. 

Thank you for your understanding.








Please read: 
Now that we are done with construction .  Our syringes should not be  out a stock more then a few days.

Next:  We have lowered the price on all syringes when you buy more then 1 of the same kind.
Look around.

Sales: Every week HSF will have a sale on 1 or more  syringes. Look for the Sale Tag in the store.

Starting next week HSF will be having  Weekly Giveaways  & Gifts all September 2021.

Crypto Deals & Sales. HSF will be offering free syringes.

When you pay with { Crypto of  the Week }

{ Crypto of  the Week }

Free Syringes. Are on top of any other  free syringe offer at that time.

HSF is proud to say as of 8/12/21 HSF donated over $76,000.00 so far for 2021.

By late October 2021 HSF should have our new www site up & running. 

Big News: HSF will be bring our very own mushroom breed to market. By 2022 .
We have been working on this for over 4 years.  

The working name for now is { HOD’s Happiness }

More News to come. 









We are  now done with construction at our BC Lab.
By the first of September HSF should be back at full stock.

Air Force 1 & Mauiplatinum are NOW  back in stock. 



We will be adding Huautla breed to our store. By 8/25/21


With 2 more breeds to come in September 2021.










  As most know HSF has been doing construction at our BC Lab.
Because of this  we had to shut down 3 of our 4 clean rooms.

For the next week or so.
Because of this our inventory will be low  at times till end of AUG
HSF will be able to produce  4 x times what we can now.

August is one of the slow months in the Mycology world most of the time.
We tried to plan this for the lest interruption.


Keep a look out: This October & fall.  We will be having  giveaways  & major discounts

Thank you for your understanding with our growing pains.








HSF has changed the solution for our Spore & Liquid Culture syringes.

Now all Liquid Culture syringes will be clearer.

You may still see yellow ones for the next few 120 days or so.

As the change over happens
We listen to our customs needs.

Thank you to all that gave your input.

HSF would not  be what we are today with out you.








Dam It is July already.  

HSF  is adding on to our BC Lab again. We are adding  another 10,000 sq ft to our already new building.
It has been amazing 1.5 years from when HSF open to the public.

Thank you to all the new people & customers that helped make this happen.

HSF see so much positive things happening in the Psilocybin Mushroom world.

To all that put their $ were there month is.  Hell yes for people like you.

It’s a beautiful thing to see people working to change the laws for the better of all..


1: Both our Sale Packs ( The Beginner  Pack ) & (  Sale of The week 10 pack )
The 10 packs will now be 15 pack for the same price as the 10 packs till 7/31/21.

2: HSF will not be add any new mushrooms breeds till 9/15/21
This is part because of new construction going on.

3: HSF will add 6 or more  new mushroom breeds by 9/15/21.
We will be adding a few new kinds of products in the fall 2021.

Last:  HSF will have our last ( 2 for 1 sale ) from 7/9/21 to 7/12/21.
We will not have another till the fall 2021.

Thank you all that make this happen & to all that give their time to help others.








Again: Do not ask us about growing in anyway. If you do your order will be cancelled.






Hello: everyone. Want to let everyone know of changes coming to our store.

Starting 5/10/21 There will be a $55 min to order. Shipping will be free for all orders.
All order will receive 1 free syringe all the time now.

We have lowered prices on many Mushroom breeds with more to come down this month.

For May 2121 HSF will be adding 5 new breeds to our line up. ETA 5/12/21

Check your e-mail & check back often this month.
There will be many updates & info coming out about HSF & our plans for the future.
We look forward to sharing more good news

Thank you 






H.O.D. Spore Farm

     Changing minds. One spore at a time.

All Syringes Are $25.00 or less. Free Shipping on all orders. $55.00 Order min.

                                         1 free syringe for every $50 spent. 

      Thank you to all our Vets & their families.