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Spore Prime Membership:

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Spore Prime membership:

On Sale for $100 Till 2/14/23

$150 year.

: Benefits of Spore Prime Membership :

1: New members receive - 5 syringe Beginner pack

2: Unlimited free shipping on all orders USA Only.


3: 5 free syringes with any order $75 or more once a month.


4: 2 Free syringes for every $50 spent.


5: $25 HSF Gift Card on your B Day - Xmas & HSF B Day each year.


6: You will be entered in all giveaways without having to do anything or make a order.


7: 5 or more Deals a year for Spore Prime members Only.
IE: Free Grain Jars, 2 for 1 sales & more. You will be e-mail this info when they happen,


8: When a new mushroom breed syringe is added to our store.

Spore Prime Members will receive 2 free syringes of that breed with any order $75 or more.

HSF: Reserves the right to call BS if anyone abuses there membership.
Deals may change at anytime.

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                                                                                         Returns & Refund Policy

HSF: does not take  returns because the nature of the items. Nor do we do Refunds. HSF: does our best to over deliver on every order.

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