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Updated 5/1/23

Wholesale is 65% of  HSF sales volume.

HSF white label  spore syringes are sold in over 75 stores in USA & CN.

Min wholesale order 
$ 500.00

Remember this order can be broken up over weeks. To meet your storage needs.

Wholesale orders are produced per customer order specks.

IE: Maybe up to 2 weeks lead time for first order.

We can ship as needed. So you always have fresh spores.
HSF: can meet any volume or size you may need.
We are flexible with any shipping times.

* Prefilled Spore syringes - with or with out needles



A $1000. Order = out to about 200 syringes with needles. That comes about  $4.00 each.
Depending what breeds you choose.

A $5000 order on up can get the price down to $2. Each with needles.

We ask you keep orders to 5 breeds or less for your first order. But we will work with you, just let us know what your thinking.

All wholesales orders are produced just for you.



1: For every $3000 spent  in 6 months, you will receive 100 free syringes.
2: After a year of being a wholesaler & orders of  $5000 or more  will receive 200 free syringes for every $5000 spent  annually.


Any questions, please just ask.



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