New Customer Info

Updated 8/7/21

Do not ask us about growing in anyway. If you do your order will be cancelled.

HSF does not give growing info of any kind.



New Customers:  Please read before you order & before you e-mail us.

We may not answer your e-mail if it is covered here or on other pages.


We receive many e-mails often about  this info from New Customers .
That takes up a lot of time.  So please read this info.

HSF: Answers e-mails & send invoices between 6am to 6pm EST 7 days a week.

HSF: Use e-mail invoicing for all our payment methods.
We do this to keep Fraud & BS out. 
Please read the Payment - FAQ  & Sales pages for more info.

Do Not Send HSF any moneys till you receive your e-mail invoice.
If you do we will send it back.  This prevents any mix-ups. 

After you  pick your payment type & order. Please read the conformation e-mails.
They have all info you may need to know.

Shipping: Most orders ship USPS 3 day shipping.

When no shipping rules are in place.
Most orders ship within 3 work days of payment.

Shipping Note: ( Winter  Rules ) From 11/1 to 4/15 each year. ( Or as needed )

HSF will only ship out orders Mondays,  Tuesdays  & Wednesdays with heat packs added.

Or as needed )  

Because of  temperature reasons.

We Do this because we care. 

Returns & Refund Policy 

HSF: do not take  Returns because the nature of the items. Nor do we do Refunds.

HSF:  Do our best to over deliver on every order.



H.O.D. Spore Farm

     Changing minds. One spore at a time.

All Syringes Are $25.00 or less. Free Shipping on all orders. $55.00 Order min.

                                         1 free syringe for every $50 spent. 

      Thank you to all our Vets & their families.