Albino Penis Envy

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Albino Penis Envy psilocybe cubensis Mushroom Syringes


Classification: Hallucinogenic
Cultivation Difficulty: Moderate
Substrates: Equine dung and Enriched Soils
Temperature: Moderate
Strain Origin: Who Knows

Description: Albino Penis Envy

Psilocybe Cubensis its one of the most popular researched strains.

Typically the Albino Penis Envy Mushroom is small, and slow

growing, but EXTREMELY potent.


Spore syringes: should be stored in the refrigerator. They can last 6 months or longer in refrigerator.
Next best is a cool dark place.

Liquid Cultures: must be stored in the refrigerator.
Should be used as soon a possible.
They can last up to 12 weeks in a refrigerator.

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